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Diabetes Supplies Guide

Diabetes supplies and medications are critical to managing diabetes. Take a look at this article to ensure you are getting proper supplies for your diabetes management regimen.

If you have diabetes, managing the disease is no easy task. You need to take care of your health by following the proper diet, exercising regularly, and getting regular blood glucose testing.

Once you have received your diagnosis of diabetes, you will need to find the right supplies for yourself. This article helps ensure that you are getting supplies that will help you manage the disease properly.

Why is home blood glucose testing important?
Self-testing will allow you to find out what your blood glucose levels are at different times of the day, what food causes your blood glucose levels to spike, and how long it will take for your blood sugar level to respond after consuming a particular type of food.

It is not just about knowing where you stand at any given time, but also about being able to predict when you are going to have low or high levels of glucose in your blood.

Blood Sugar Meters, Blood Lancets, and Diabetic Test Strips

Blood sugar meters are used to get an accurate reading of what your blood glucose levels are. The meters will come with instructions on how to use them correctly.
You will also need to test your blood or take a drop of blood from the tip of the finger with special lancets, which will later be placed on a disposable strip to allow you to read your blood sugar levels.

What does Medicare Part B cover for people with diabetes?
Medicare Part B covers the following supplies:
Monitoring equipment (blood glucose meters, strips, etc.)
Diabetic test strips (used with blood glucose meters)
Glucose monitoring supplies (including lancets)
Insulin pumps, if you meet certain requirements

Types of Glucose monitors:
Continuous glucose monitors and blood glucose meters
Continuous blood glucose monitors (CGM) link to a small sensor that is inserted under the skin. The sensor produces an electrical signal. A transmitter sends the information wirelessly to a reader, which is used to display your glucose levels.

They come with the following components:
A meter that includes the transmitter and receiver
A lancet
A sensor that goes under your skin

Blood glucose meter
What is a blood glucose meter?

A blood glucose meter is a small, portable device used to measure your blood sugar levels. These devices can be used to test your blood by taking a drop of blood from the tip of the finger.

With Local Health MedSupply you can order a True Metrix Blood Glucose Meter online and have it delivered to your address.
True Metrix triple sense technology automatically detects, analyzes and corrects variables* in each blood sample to ensure proven accuracy and confidence in results.

no coding,
as fast as 4 seconds,
tiny 0.5 microliter sample size,
alternate site testing,
store 500 results with time/date
7, 14, and 30 day averaging
event tagging
4 testing reminder alarms
audible fill detection
control detection
ketone test reminder strip release button download capabilities.
For use with True Metrix strips.
includes: True Metrix meter with installed 3 volt battery,
lancing device (uses most lancets),
10 sterile lancets,
instructions for use (read before use),
self-testing log book,
compact carrying case.
control solution and test strips are required but not included and must be purchased separately.

Insulin Pens
What is an insulin pen?

Insulin Pens: A pen-style device that resembles a writing pen. This insulin pen is used when a person wants to take a fast-acting insulin in smaller amounts.
The pen gives a constant amount of insulin over a short period of time. These devices can be used in place of syringes, needles, and vials holding large doses of insulin.

Insulin pens available for online order:
Owen Mumford Insulin Delivery System Auto

BD Ultra-Fine Insulin Pen Needles 29g 1/2in 90

Insupen Insulin Pen Needles 30g 8mm

What is an insulin pump and how does an insulin pump work?
Insulin Pumps: A device that contains a miniature cartridge containing insulin. A plastic tube connects the cartridge to the pump. The patient inserts a needle into a port on the side of the pump, and pushes a button to inject insulin. The pump can be used to inject smaller amounts of insulin more frequently.
Insulin pens and pumps are used by many people with diabetes. However, it is important that a person has a good understanding of how insulin works in order to use them properly. Please discuss with your pharmacist or doctor.

Insulin pumps available for online order:
Minimed 630g-

Minimed 670g-

Local HealthRx

Local HealthRx

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