Arctic Air Pure Chill Evaporative Air Cooler


Arctic Air-1 EA

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Arctic Air Pure Chill Evaporative Air Cooler
1 EA, 2.73 lbs. Item # 206308
Helps purify, cool & humidify Air for Maximum Comfort
Hydro-Chill Technology Cools Down Hot Dry Air
UV Light Built-in
Filter – Helps Purify Air
Quick and Easy Fill Top Helps Prevent Spills
Can run up to 10 Hours Per Fill
LED Night Light Control
Adjustable 4 Speeds
Multi-Directional Air Vent
Quiet Operation
Lightweight & Portable
71% of ABS (plastic parts), 24.5% of fan (metal and plastic and wire), 4.5% of PCB board
Press the fan button to turn Arctic Air® Pure Chill on – it will default to High speed mode. Use the air direction tab to adjust airflow up/down to your preference. Choose your light color by pressing button. You can choose between solid colors ort a color-cycle mode.
Do not carry Arctic Air® Pure Chill when filled with water. Some water may remain in unit even if tank is empty.
Use only clean water. If needed, use distilled water.
Please read and follow regular maintenance as recommended in “”Maintenance”” section of this guide.
Arctic Air® Pure Chill works best in non-polluted areas. Large dust/dirt particles may reduce lifetime of unit.
Before not using Arctic Air® Pure Chill for extended periods of time, empty the water tank, turn unit on, and set to highest fan speed for at least 4 hours. This will dry out then filter and inside of your unit.
Only use the original power adapter and cord supplied in package.
Do not touch the power supply or power cord with wet hands.
Unplug Arctic Air® Pure Chill when cleaning, removing/replacing filter, or moving the device.
For best results, place Arctic Air® Pure Chill on a higher surface like a table or countertop.
Do not place Arctic Air® Pure Chill near a heater or any electrical equipment.
Do not place the device in passageways or high traffic areas where there is a possibility of tripping or knocking it over.
Do not allow any foreign objects inside Arctic Air® Pure Chill.
Do not place items on top Arctic Air® Pure Chill.
Do not block the front and back grills of the device.
Do not turn the device upside down.
Do not submerge the Arctic Air® Pure Chill under water or other liquids.
Do not place Arctic Air® Pure Chill near open flames or fire sources.
People with limited physical, visual or mental abilities or lacking proper experience and/or knowledge should never use the device without supervision of those responsible for their safety or those capable of assistance in using the device.
The device can be switched off completely only when disconnected from the power supply.
The manufacturer does not bear any responsibility for any damage from failure to comply with this product guide.
A replaceable water filter is designed specifically for this product. If your cartridge has been broken or damaged, you can purchase a replacement.
We recommend use only in dry locations. If using in a moist area or environment, take care not to get water on external areas of the product.
If a leak or spill occurs on the surface of device, unplug Arctic Air® Pure Chill & let it dry for 24 hours. Then, use as normal.
Do not place in direct sunlight for extended periods of time


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