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3M Wound Cleanser 118mL,4OZ
4 OZ, .19 lbs. Item # 586357
Wound Cleanser is a non-antimicrobial, no-rinse liquid with a zinc-nutrient formulation that provides a moist, mildly acidic environment conducive to wound healing. It has a low toxicity potential, is pH balanced and fragrance free. 3M Wound Cleanser is delivered in an easy open, easy squeeze bottle.

Low cytoxicity potential, pH-balanced.
Gentle spray stream consistent with guidelines for safe and effective cleansing.
Delivered in a convenient easy open, easy squeeze bottle.
Fragrance free, no rinse formulation.
Suggested applications: Pressure, venous, arterial and neuropathic (diabetic) ulcers. Abrasions. Superficial and partial-thickness burns. Open surgical incisions. Skin tears.
Latex free.
Disclaimer: HCPCS codes have been provided to assist you in the preparation of Medicare Part B claims. Please note, however, that the reimbursement information provided by 3M Health Care and its representatives is intended to provide general information relevant to coverage and coding for 3M products. Insurers’ reimbursement policies can vary and the use of the codes discussed here does not guarantee that an insurer will cover or pay at any particular level.
Twist cap open. Hold bottle approximately one inch from wound bed. Aim nozzle at wound and squeeze bottle, directing stream of cleanser along the base and sides of the wound. Rinsing is not needed. Remove debris and blot up excess moisture with a gauze pad. Dry surrounding skin.
Treatment of any wound should be part of a well-defined plan and under the supervision of a health care professional. Observe the wound for signs of infection. Consult a health care professional if any of the following are noted: fever, increased pain, redness, bleeding, swelling, unusual odor, increased drainage or cloudy or foul drainage. If the wound does not begin to show signs of healing or if any other unexpected symptoms occur, consult a health care professional. store at room temperature. Avoid excessive heat and humidity.


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