3M Nexcare Stomaseal Colostomy Dressing 4 x 4 in., 30CT


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3M Nexcare Stomaseal Colostomy Dressing 4 x 4 in., 30CT
30 CT, .02 lbs. Item # 545688
HSA/FSA Eligible

Nexcare Stomaseal Colostomy Dressing is a time-saving application for the regulated colostomate, featuring pad and adhesive in one easy-to-apply dressing. The adhesive sticks tightly and securely, while the pad absorbs 6 times its own weight in bodily fluids. Nexcare Stomaseal Colostomy Dressing also holds back fluid pressure and resists fluid penetration, to protect clothing and provide a greater sense of security. Nexcare Stomaseal Colostomy Dressing has a hypoallergenic adhesive and is made with Not made with natural rubber latex, and is also ideal for mucous fistulas and draining lesions.

The ideal tape-supported absorbent pad for use by the regulated colostomate.
Comfortable to wear.
Strong adhesive for secure holding power.
Made in the USA.
Pad absorbs 10 times its own weight of body fluid.
Protects clothing tape resists fluid penetration.
Sticks tightly, but removes easily.
Useful in treatment of mucous fistulas and draining lesions.
Application: Caregivers, hard-to-cover areas, post-surgical/sutures/stitches.
Use for regulated colostomate, Mucous fistulas and draining lesions.
This item is FSA (Flexible Spending Account) eligible.

Thoroughly cleanse and dry skin around stoma to remove all oils, creams or lotions. Rubbing alcohol may be used to cleanse excess oily areas on the skin if necessary. Apply a lubricant (petroleum or lubricating jelly) to stoma if desired. Use of a liquid skin barrier will protect the skin from repeated application and removal of the dressing. Be sure the liquid skin barrier is dry before applying the dressing. Remove paper liner, exposing dressing and adhesive surface. Center dressing over stoma and secure by pressing adhesive surface against skin. For easy removal, lift corners. Slowly peel tape toward dressing. Pat wet tape dry before removing.


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