NasalCrom® Nasal Allergy Spray


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NasalCrom® Nasal Allergy Spray
.88 OZ, .1 lbs. Item # 952363
What Makes NasalCrom® Nasal Spray Unique?
Nasal Allergy Symptom Prevention
NasalCrom® Nasal Spray can prevent nasal allergy symptoms when used before exposure to the cause of your nasal allergies, and will build protection against future symptoms as long as you continue to use NasalCrom® Nasal Spray as directed.
Effective Relief
NasalCrom® Nasal Spray provides original prescription-strength relief of nasal allergy symptoms, including congestion, sneezing and runny or itchy nose.
Works Only in Your Nose
NasalCrom® is a nasal spray that works only in your nose—where allergens attack. It helps to stop the cells in your nose from reacting to pollen, pet dander, and other allergens, so you don’t experience nasal allergy symptoms.
• No drowsiness
• No jitters
• No “rebound” nasal congestion
• Safe to use with other medicines, including other allergy medicines
• Non-habit forming
• Safe to use throughout your allergy season
• Good for year-round allergies
• Safe for children as young as two years old

NasalCrom® Nasal Spray is convenient and easy to administer using the metered spray pump.

Prevents & Relieves Nasal Allergy Symptoms:
• Runny/itchy nose
• Sneezing
• Allergic stuffy nose

200 Metered Sprays
Each spray delivers 5.2mg cromolyn sodium.

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NasalCrom® Allergy Symptom Controller
NasalCrom® Prevent allergy symptoms before they start. Your nose -and life- will thank you.

The NasalCrom® Difference

Unlike most allergy medications, NasalCrom® actually prevents nasal allergy symptoms from occurring in the first place. Nasal allergy symptoms like: runny/itchy nose, sneezing, and allergic stuffy nose.

Let’s start with the basics: nasal allergies happen when your body reacts to rid itself of some foreign substance—in this case, airborne allergens such as pollen or pet dander.

Available Sizes
0.44 fl oz (13 mL)
0.88 fl oz (26 mL)

When Allergies Attack

Here’s something you likely didn’t know: it’s not allergens themselves that cause your allergy symptoms (at least not directly). When allergens enter your nose, they attack cells called mast cells. If you’re allergic to those substances, your mast cells erupt, releasing histamines and other irritants. It’s those pesky substances that represent your body’s immune response—which you get to experience as a runny nose or sneezing.

Many allergy medicines use an “antihistamine” in an attempt to control the symptoms histamines and other irritants cause. But, by then, the horse of suffering has already left the metaphorical barn. NasalCrom® is different.

All Hail Mast Cell Stabilization

Instead of waiting until after you’re already suffering symptoms, NasalCrom® works to stabilize your nasal mast cells. This allows the mast cells to better maintain their integrity, minimizing the release of histamines and other irritants—preventing your nasal allergy symptoms before they even start.

NasalCrom® Today For A Better Nose Next Week

To enjoy the full preventative power of NasalCrom®, it’s important to note that you should start using NasalCrom® a week or two before you expect to encounter problematic allergens. Fortunately, NasalCrom® will still provide relief while it builds up full protection against further symptoms.

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Active Ingredient (per Spray)…Purpose
Cromolyn Sodium 5.2mg…Nasal Allergy Symptom Controller

Inactive Ingredients
Benzalkonium Chloride, Edetate Disodium, Purified Water.

Uses to prevent and relieve nasal symptoms of hay fever and other nasal allergies
• runny/itchy nose
• sneezing
• allergic stuffy nose

• see package insert on how to use pump
• Parent or care provider must supervise the use of this product by young children
• Adults and children 2 years and older:
• Spray once into each nostril. Repeat 3–4 times a day (every 4–6 hours). If needed, may be used up to 6 times a day.
• Use every day while in contact with the cause of your allergies (pollen, molds, pets, and dust).
• To prevent nasal allergy symptoms, use before contact with the cause of your allergies. For best results, start using up to one week before contact.
• If desired, you can use this product with other medicines, including other allergy medicines.
• Children under 2 years: Do not use unless directed by a doctor

Do not use
• if you are allergic to any of the ingredients
Ask a doctor before use if you have
• fever
• discolored nasal discharge
• sinus pain
• wheezing
When using this product
• It may take several days of use to notice an effect. Your best effect may not be seen for 1 to 2 weeks.
• Brief stinging or sneezing may occur right after use
• Do not use it to treat sinus infection, asthma, or cold symptoms
• Do not share this bottle with anyone else as this may spread germs
Stop use and ask a doctor if
• Shortness of breath, wheezing or chest tightness occurs
• Hives or swelling of the mouth or throat occurs
• Your symptoms worsen
• You have new symptoms
• Your symptoms do not begin to improve within two weeks
• You need to use for more than 12 weeks
If pregnant or breast feeding, ask a health professional before use.
Keep out of reach of children. If swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away. (1-800-222-1222)

Other Information
• Store between 20°–25°C (68°–77°F)
• Protect from light
• Keep carton and package insert. They contain important instructions.
• Do not use if imprinted plastic bottle wrap is broken or missing
• See bottom panel for lot number and expiration date


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